DING! research done


December 1, 2014


Its been a long and winding road over the last year and a bit, we hope BARTER has had a positive effect to all those that encountered it either first hand whilst shopping or listening to one of us speak at conferences. But first we would really like to thank all who participated on the BARTER project. We especially send a big thank you out to the traders whom allowed us to install the BARTER POS in their businesses and those customers that spent locally and in turn generating data for the system. Over the last year we have learnt so much about the research topic and how trading locally can help increase the local economy, ho an in the wild approach was useful but equally difficult, published research all around the world and presented work at top research conferences, built some amazing resources and worked alongside some special people.


But thats not it for BARTER!

It is now time we open source the project for other communities/counties to take ownership of the project and progress it further. You can find the source code on the Mobile Radicals Github page published under the M.I.T License.

In terms of the current BARTER system in place, those who participated have been informed that the research part of the project has finished now and Pear Trade will be taking over the Lancaster BARTER research project under a rebrand and new ownership. For those who requested their data be removed from the system this has now been adhere to. The previous terms for the project have now been replaced by Pear Trade’s terms and conditions.

We are very thankful to the EPSRC for funding this project, which grew out of a Catalyst Launchpad and to everyone involved in the project.



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