Local Trader Prototype

Local Trade is one of two Catalyst launch pads and aims to create a loyalty trading system which records trades and tracks the trading patterns within the system to reward sustainable and locally beneficial trading behaviour in Lancaster. Following the global economic decline, Local Trade aims to ‘re-boot’ collaborative endeavours through stimulating altruistic behaviours and rewarding local creativity and innovation. Retaining local wealth and improving community resilience through the three bottom lines of economic, environmental and social wealth creation we also add a fourth dimension: personal learning and development. Local Trade will create a system of favour tracking, through local networks and smart links with other existing initiatives, to grow the social awareness and benefit of collaboration.

Using innovative technologies taken from social networks and commercial applications Local Trade seeks to increase local wealth generated by individuals, micro-businesses and social enterprises in a way that builds up valuable local resources and sustains local social infrastructure. Local Trade is led by Michael Hallam (Ethical Small Traders Association) in partnership with Paul Coulton (Lancaster University).


Local Trade is a mobile terminal application developed on Android as a method of recording transactions via NFC.

The initial prototype was developed by Adrian Gradinar and designed by Dr. Paul Coulton & Mark Lochrie




The initial prototype provided the opportunity to further the research into BARTER.



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